Woodland Trust

we plant a tree when you buy a timber cartlodge

We are Hazel members of the Woodland Trust 2016

The Woodland Trust is a registered charity supporting our woodland across the UK. And is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity. To find out more about there work please go to http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk

While Britain’s woodland provides enjoyment and beauty for all of us, it’s also incredibly important for our total environment. Trees and woods offer shelter to wildlife, help to stabilise soil, purify our water,  enrich our soil, filter our air and provide oxygen for us to breathe. And, of course, they are a wealth of invaluable building materials.

Hazel member of Woodland trust

The Woodland Trust looks after over 1,200 British woodlands, spread over 50,000 acres. And the trust is committed to preserving and restoring ancient trees and protecting our native woodland for now and for future generations.

It takes between 36 and 42 years for a freshly planted tree to mature, which is why we, like the Trust, believe it’s important to increase the planting of trees in line with the products we sell.

If you buy one of our timber cartlodges or buildings we will plant a tree in your name and you will get a certificate to keep. We at Suffolk Cartlodges feel that this may be  a small gesture but if we all do a little,  mighty things will come of it.

We give Fixed Price Quotes so you know the cost of the job from the start. Contact Steve about your project to build an oak or timber garage on 07941 317151 or 01449 711303 or steve@suffolkcartlodges.co.uk